The savage selected his wife for utility, the civilized man selects his for beauty. At first the hair of women was no longer than that of men, possibly not so long. Long-haired women being universally desired, by a continued selection of these, the long flowing tresses of the sex have finally been produced in their offspring. In the same way, as ethnologists very clearly explain, the elegance, grace, rotundity of the female form, the undulation of curve and bloom of complexion, are not less the creation of man than the symmetry and speed of the racehorse, the coloring of the rose, or the delicious flavor of the cultivated peach. Even the reserved demeanor of the woman, her refined feelings, modesty, unselfishness, and sublime faculty of self-control, are all a part of the grand heritage which man, unwittingly, and often unwillingly, has bequeathed to her.

Early Position Of The Wife

" At the first a wife was simply a domestic animal Early Position of like the horse or dog. She could not be used without the Wife the consent of the proprietor, but he was usually willing to let her out for hire."1 Indeed, among many savage races, it was considered the duty of the host to lend his wife to a guest, the first night of the latter's visit, as a mark of considerationf and many embarrassing experiences in this line are related by Stanley, Speke and others, in their accounts of the social customs of Central Africa, where a declination of the loan is looked on as a personal insult to the husband.