The Oneida Community of " Perfectionists " practise the sexual embrace without a complete intra-vaginal orgasm on the part of the male—that is, stopping the act just before seminal emission—coitus interruptus; and claim that they derive more pleasure than from a completed intercourse. In the face of well-known physiological facts, as well as in the experience of every sensible man, this claim is nothing but sheerest folly, Such a congress would not only ruin, in time, the delicate sexual mechanism, and, reducing the art to a purely animal level, deprive it of the highest element of pleasure it possesses—the purely psychical one—but would be only a half-way and very unsatisfactory journey to that joy of which the complete orgasm is the natural culmination.

Besides, to stop at such a point would be a severe punishment to a man, and would demand a will power which I fear few people possess. So much for the " perfectionist" method of prevention.