There are several of these anomalies which seem to hover about the borderland of insanity; and which, while more or lees associated with the sadistic impulse, can yet scarcely be classified as cases of true sadism. Thus the impulse to injure women, to subject them to insult, and humiliation, while it may arise from a sadistic root, may also be simply the expression of a revengeful feeling, occasioned by some injury, or wrong, inflicted by a particular woman.

This I found to be the case where I was once called to testify as to the nature, and motive, of certain injuries and defilements inflicted upon a young girl, who had been made the victim of rape and lust-murder; one of which defilements was the filling of the victim's mouth, and eyes, with the feces of the murderer. . In the defendant's statement before the court, as well as in the subsequent private examination instituted to determine the question of his sanity, he manifested the utmost vindictiveness against women in general; a condition of mind occasioned, as I afterward discovered, by the fact that the girl to whom he was engaged to be married, and whom he professed to have loved very deeply, had made the unworthy return of infecting him with gonorrhea. The motive was sufficiently clear. There were no psychopathic features discoverable, and the man was properly adjudged sane and amenable to punishment.