Ulricus writes in one of his epistles that Pope Gregory, when he saw six thousand skulls and bones of dead infants taken from a fishpond, near a nunnery, was much grieved, and retracted the decree against priests' marriages, the evident cause of this slaughter of the innocents, "purging himself by prayer and repentance." "For either you must allow them concubines, or suffer them to marry," writes another (Georg. Wicelius,"Inspect. Eccles.," 18); "for scarce shall you find three priests of three thousand that are not troubled with burning lust." On monasteries as centos of sexual lust, and sometimes almost demoniacal debauchery, as the subject is far too vast to rvrn rrview here, the reader is respectfully referred to Cahniel. Laftgin. Kerchofl, Ffgutrm. Le Merveilleux," and the "Hist, of the Warfare of Science with Theology.'"

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