The constitutional criminal is a tainted individual who, possibly, has the same relation to crime as the epileptic to convulsions—he can't help it.1 The legitimate reason of any abnormal act is abnormality of brain; and this is proven by the fact that human crime is as manifold in its manifestations as is the human brain in its structural peculiarities. Identically the same changes are observed in the criminal brain as in that of insanity. In the latter, as in that species of aberration manifested in sexual perversity, the character of change in the Oram structure will predetermine the character of the individual—lunatic or criminal. There can be no fixed type oj criminality any more than there can be of insanity. But one thing is always fixed and certain—the correlation of physical causes with mental and moral symptoms. As pathology is physiology gone astray, so crime, sexual or nonsexual, is, to my mind, but the manifestation of misdirected cerebral activity.