Pausanias has told us that the divine Zeus himself was not more exempt than mortals from erotic orgasm during wraking hours;' and one of the conditions under which masturbation wras allowed by the early Catholic Church was, to complete a sexual act begun in sleep.6 Luther advises girls who have either night or day-dreams to marry, and " take the medicine God has given them;" and Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell is authority for the important (but improbable) statement that the relief afforded men by the nocturnal emission, women find in menstruation.1

Pities records a case of a hysterical girl, in one of his wards, who accused the clerk of coming through the window and having violent intercourse with her, as many as three or four times in a night; and the influence of ether and chloroform in inducing sexual erethism in women, and not in men, is a circumstance well known to dentists and surgeons. In Australia, Mr. Ellis says, a man was charged with rape, found guilty, and sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment on the accusation of a girl of thirteen, who told her story with such remarkably circumstantial detail that it was quite impossible for those who heard her to disbelieve the narration, although it was afterward shown to be inspired by pure hallucination.1