According to Moll, the proportion of prostitutes in Berlin showing decided Lesbian tendencies was about twenty-five per cent, of the whole number. This is precisely the result arrived at by Parent-Duchatelet with respect to Paris; and according to Chevalier it is even larger. Bourneville believes that 75 per cent, of the inmates of the venereal hospitals in Paris have practised homosexuality; while in London, according to H. Ellis, from whom I partially quote, and who has had ample means of ascertaining, the vice is comparatively rare among that class of unfortunates.

Whether it be that the Anglo-Saxon race, by constitution, is less prone to sexual abuses than the Latin, I feel diffident of asserting, although some evidence points in that direction; but the fact is very obvious that, in Paris, lesbianism is almost normal. The Chahut dancers of the Moulin-Rouge, Casino, and other balls of that character, almost invariably go in pairs, and there are few houses of prostitution which do not keep an exclusively lesbian article of furniture.