Socially, rather than forensically, important, as, in my view, a simple manifestation of the rnastur-batory instinct, with strong sexual hallucination. Psychical desire, conditioned by diminished virility; that peculiar irritability of the sexual center which makes possible erection and ejaculation without any material aid, seems to be the sole groundwork of this puerile vice.

It finds gratification principally in crowds; and from the disgusting frequency with which men are known to press vulgarly against ladies, in such situations, it would seem that so-called frotteurs are by no means scarce. The act itself consists in finding sexual gratification in the manipulation of, or contact with, some portion of the female dress, thus evidencing a high degree of sexual hyperesthesia. Magnus recites a number of eases, as do also Moreau and Moll; but as they simply illustrate varying degrees and circumstances of the vice, I do not deem it profitable to reproduce them here.

Frottage is an act exceedingly unclean, offensive, distinctly pathological, and contrary to public morals; standing closely related, in my view, with the pygmalionism, or statue-love, already noticed; and, being a moral aberration, only psychically and physically disgusting, possesses little scientific interest. Those who desire to study its manifestations in extenso will find them very fully treated in Coffignon's "La Corruption a Paris."