Arndt's case, as it reverses those already given, being that of a woman simulating the sexual character of a man, is worthy of mention. A sharply cut profile, nose somewhat large, general heaviness of feature, and short hair, smoothly combed, gave the head a decidedly masculine appearance. She was tall, lean, erect, with a low, rough voice, and looked like a man in woman's dress. Asked how she came to think she was a man, she replied excitedly—"how? Don't I look like a man! Just look at me! I feel like a man, too! I have always felt so, but T know it clearly now. The man who passed for my husband only helped to do what I planned. I have always been masculine, liked to work in the fields better than the house, or kitchen, but never knew the reason before. Now I know it is because I am a man, and not a woman!"