The following is a case in which, upon a weakened vita sertuilis, the latter due to prolonged masturbation, with neurasthenia and partial impotence, was grafted the homosexual habit:

Patient healthy, strong, lively, and of a sensual temperament. Masturbated while a boy. Had intercourse with a female at the age of fourteen, with normal enjoyment and power. At fifteen, was seduced, homosexually, by a grown man, who performed manustupration on him. At maturity, committed venereal excesses, becoming in consequence neurasthenic, and afflicted with feebleness of erection and premature ejaculation.

In this period of declining potency, he began to feel desire for little girls, which increased as his virility diminished. From this he developed an inclination for young boys, being impelled, finally, to approach them sexually. He experienced vehement erections on touching them, losing even his partial desire for females, and allayed this sexual excitement by masturbation. He attributes his present homosexuality to excessive masturbation; and while free from "degenerative" symptoms, presents those of sexual and spinal neurasthenia.

With this case I conclude my remarks on acquired homosexuality, proper; the following six sectional subjects presenting instances of its modified manifestation, and requiring, obviously, a partially separate treatment.1

' Instead of the usual tiresome repetitions of "clinical histories " it will be observed that throughout this work I have restricted myself to one or two, and those of classical type; a system, I believe, which will not only convey more forcibly the salient characters of each anomaly, but appeal more strongly to the reader's sympathy on grounds of brevity and conciseness.