In China, when a rich man gives a feast, boys are provided to sing, dance, entertain the guests, and to Berve them sexually afterward; returning home next morning with generous fees; and in Chinese novels masculine love is frequently exploited in terms of transport quite as ardent as applies to the normal kind here, sexual union between men being the literary denouement, equally as realistic, as the winning of the maid in ours.1 Morache gives us very interesting information of the Chinese boy prostitutes, who are bought, or stolen, from their parents at about four years of age, subjected to a special course in physical development, comprising massage of the hips, to make them broad, dilatation of the anus, and the process of epilation previously alluded to, to subdue sexual sense in the subject. They are also highly taught in music, drawing and conversation; and, as is the case among ourselves, in reference to whores and bawdy-houses, the waiters in the restaurants, and servants at hotels, acting as "pimps," or procurers, are always fully informed of where these young gentlemen are to be found, when they are required to grace the festival of some rich profligate.3 Matignon, however, has this much to say to the credit of the Chinese, that while pederasty is common, it is held under more decent restraints than in either New York, London or Paris; and that, unlike the pederasts of the latter cities, they never practise unnatural connection with women who was a splendidly made man, seemingly in perfect form and health. The sexual organs were normal, though not quite so large as his physique would have justified; but he had never had intercourse urith a female. On removing his clothing, he pressed his thighs together, shamefacedly, precisely as a modest woman would, so as to completely cover the sexual organs, and in that position presented a well-marked feminine rotundity.1

The "Boté" And " Schupan "

Among the Aleuts of Oonalaska, boys are brought up as girls, their hair pulled out, their bodies femininely developed, and their chins tattooed like the women's, whose sexual function they assume. They are called schupans, and, it would seem, are effeminated not by nature but by association and suggestion. Among all our Indian tribes the "bote"," or sexual invert, is a regular institution. He is trained in dress and manners from infancy for the feminine role, which he performs with the mouth, although true pederasty is found likewise to exist among most of the tribes. Dr. Holder was privileged to examine a bote".

The "Seketra" And "Sarimbavy"

In Madagascar certain boys, called seketra, are selected from childhood to be educated sexually as girls. They live, walk, think, and speak like girls, have intercourse with men, by the mouth or rectum, and reverse the usual custom by paying the men who please them." The Hovas have a sort of male inverts, called sarimbavy, which resemble the seketra in being brought up as girls, but differ from them in that sexual relations rarely occur between themselves; and when they do, it is in the form of . intercourse between the thighs, and not as either pederasty or fellatio.9 Their voices, in timbre and inflection, are those of women; their laugh shrill; they have no sexual impulses; erections are rare; they are gentle, timid and modest, and, when natural intercourse is attempted, it is always through the insistence of women, and fails to produce any agreeable sensation. They constitute a remarkable group, regarded by Rencure! as asexual inverts, and are not, I believe, without their analogues in modern civilization.