Without designing that it should be in any sense final, each particular case demanding separate and careful examination by a medical expert, I take the liberty of appending a diagram which may serve as a preliminary guide to the jurist in determining the prima facie status of a given offence; and at the same time suggest, to our professional brethren of the long robe, a possible field for amendment in, at least, the nomenclature proper for the judicial presentment of sexual cases in our courts of law.

Aid To Preluninary Legal Diagnosis 55

1 Both cunnilingtiB and fell are (penem in os mulieris arrigere) may or may not depend on psychopathic conditions. If the former, the diseased vita sexuatu will be established by its previous genera) history, rather than by specific acts; supersaturated sexual libertines, and morally depraved married men, frequently resorting to the filthy habit, as well as to paxlicatio mulierum, for purposes of increased stimulation, or to avoid impregnating their wives.

While careful investigation of the species facti, in each particular case, will necessarily involve variations in the above classification, and while, to prevent the cloak of disease from being thrown over purely immoral acts, such investigation should attend every case of alleged sexual crime, it will be found, I think, that the table given constitutes a fairly accurate starting-point for the jurist. Cases of sexual delinquency which cannot be relegated, immediately, to the third section of the diagram, but which present, at the same time, certain psychopathic peculiarities which would seem to call for especial consideration, may, in the hands of a competent medico-legal expert, by certain circumstances in the antecedent history, or temperament of the individual, usually be transferred from the first to the second, or from the second to the third, place, as to legal responsibility.