And again, where major crimes are committed in Acts Indicating the accomplishment, or pursuit, of minor sexual pur-Mental Disease poses, the question of mental disease very naturally arises. Thus Lombroso (Archiv. de Psychiatria, iv, 22), has tabulated a number of cases, with bad heredity, presenting this feature. Marc also records the case of a girl of eight years, of apparently sound heredity, who, masturbating from her fourth year, was seemingly devoid of all childlike or moral feelings; pursuing her vicious course, and gratifying her sexual propensities, with an utter disregard of every moral, social or filial restraint. She had even thought of killing her parents, in order to become her own mistress, and free to prosecute her constant liaisons with men.*

In such cases, where the impulse to crime arises in the child as a result of purely cerebral processes, and without peripheral stimulation, dementia is indicated, either with or without precedent degenerative neuroses, or psychoses. So, when premature or perverse sexual desires are manifested in connection with other forms of vice—theft, leasing, or practices of revolting cruelty—the same organic psychopathia may be suspected. Zam-baco's case ("L'Encephale," 18S2, i, 2), will illustrate this condition. A girl, "at the age of seven years, practised lewdness with boys, stole whenever she could, seduced her four-year-old sister into masturbation, and, at the age of ten, was given up to the most revolting vices. Even ferrum candens ad clitoridem1 had no effect in overcoming her sexual tendency, and she even masturbated with the cassock of the priest, while he was exhorting her to reformation*

Acts Indicating Mental Disease 47