With an almost countless army of prostitutes in this country, with luxury and idleness among the rich constantly tending to sexual erotism and sensuality, with the free and easy social intercourse prevailing between the sexes, with the constantly diminishing number of marriages, and that monstrous aversion to motherhood, when marriage does take place, so universally prevalent among women, it can hardly be wondered at that abortion has become so frequent as to attract the gravest attention of the law it seems so easy for it to evade; or that infanticide is growing so common as to recall the Roman horrors of the thirteenth century, when, it is said, Pope Innocent III was shocked at hearing that dead infanta were being drawn nightly from the Tiber in the nets of the fishermen *

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A Philadelphia newspaper of Jan. 8, 1905, records as a news item that two dead infante were found by the city scavengers in one ash-barrel, and that sixteen were the known product of these " slaughtered innocents " of the city for one week.