The Chinese concept of CHI is analogous to or equivalent to PRAANA of AYURVEDA and YOGA It also represents a bridge between individual and cosmic life', Chinese medicine refers to ancestral energy which is (hereditary] contribution from parents and energy from food (metabolic fuel) and air (oxygen and other gases).

I can view these concepts as corresponding; to linkage between the PANCHAKOSHAS and rest of the universe.

The CHI flows through the STHULADEHA i e bodythrough different pathways which possibly correspond with paths of b 10electrical fields or NADIS or even may overlap with neural impulses.

Chinese medicine also teaches us the dynamically interactive phenomena in nature and their role in human existence These phenomena are opposite and complimentary in nature Their complimentary and opposition is relative and not absolute. Thus certain temperature is YIN for high and is YANG for lower range.

Similarly day-night, dry-moist, heaven-earth etc. are similar to the GUNAS of AYURVEDA With respect to human body upper part is YANG and lower part is YIN. Outside is YANG and inside is YIN! Wakefulness, contraction of mind and muscles respectively, correspond to YANG and sleep and relaxation to YIN.

The CHI is further subdivided into YONG i.e deep seated nutritive energy ensuring stability and II the superficial protective energy which does not circulate ensuring defense These concepts are close to KOSHAS.

MERIDIANS or pathways are mainly 24 and are associated with ten organs and two functions, thus precluding any semblance with allopathic anatomy of STHULA-DEHA-body.

TU-MAI and JEN-MAI are governing and conception vessels respectively They originate from the same locus as KUNDALINI or KANDA and terminate in between nose ftmouth, thus showing equivalents to IDA & PING ALA These meridians contain effective points corresponding to CHAKRAS, LOTUSES and PLEXUSES The concept that energy flows throughout twenty four hours, suggests similarity to neuroendocrine biological clocks, especially circadian rhythms.

CHINESE concepts teach us presence of 361 acupuncture points which may either correspond to receptor density, receptor sensitivity, static bio electrical fields, or accumulated bio electrical effects. Interestingly, electrical resistance in these points is demonstrated to be low.

CHINESE MEDICINE thus teaches us the necessity to identify dynamic interactions between human life and rest of Universe and importance of moxibubon, acupuncture, acupressure analogous to panchakarma, massage, pranyama, asanas, tattooing, piercing,branding etc).

HOMEOPATHY does not teach us concretely about either STHULA DEHA or KARANA or UNGA or SUKSHMA DEHA. But HOMEOPATHYbrilliantty explores the nature of interactions of universal/comic and individual life through history taking. Since this history telling is closest to the MANOMAYA. PRAANAMAYA, V1DNYAANAMAYA and AANANDAMAYA KOSHA, homeopathy probably truly discovers subtler aspects of biological phenomena which include interactions producing either health or disease.

Homeopathic paradigm is similar to AYURVEDA but its emphasis is different and is evident in its THERAPEUTICS which is considered in greater details in one of the latter articles.

MAGNETOTHERAPY tells us some facts about STHULADEHA which are of particular interest, though it does not propose any elaborate / separate model of human existence.

Thus magnetic field produced bybrain is 3 x 108 gauss,by heart 106 gauss, by muscles during flexion 107 gauss.

Magneto encephalography, magneto cardiography, magnetic surface stimulators etc. are employed to probe into further details of biomagnetic phenomena in modem allopathic research Allopathic advances in the science of Physiology i.e functioning of STHULA-DEHA teach us about various magnetism related phenomena such as:




4) GATED ION CHANNELS and their implications.

Bio magnetic and Bioelectncal fields and their implications with respect to health and disease are not yet well understood. Their relationship to KOSHAS also needs thorough exploration.

It is said that the human body is a battery and emanates electromagnetic waves at a rate of SO million cycles per second Implication of this is also not known Implications of magnetism related to fertilization, embryogenesis etc have to be explored.

Further, effects of the orientation of the planets i.e specific points in space and time on the five KOSHAS have to be explored These may reveal new and so far unthought-of implications of even gravity and similar forces.

Paracelsus, Mesmer and Samuel Hahnemann had identified magnetic' aspect of human existence and evolved the treatment of disease But what they called MAGNETIC has to be studied and verified.

With respect to allopathy, allopathy teaches us in great details about the functioning of STHULA DEHA Considering that the precise subject'or Target'of treatment is human body and mind, its feats are impressive and of tremendous day-to-day utility But this dramatic success is not complete. There is A LOT TO BE DESIRED because Df its restriction to STHULA DEHA and MANA alone Let us see in brief the brilliant advances of allopathy in knowledge of STHULA DEHA and MANA in brief.

Allopathy conceives human existence as that from conception to death of an individual It denies involvement of any vital principle in human life. Thus it teaches about STHULA DEHA and MANA (also probably in part}. This avoids tautology on the one hand but invites restrictive thinking and tubular vision, on the other.

Genetics and heredity teach us about DNA, Genetic code, transfer of characteristics from parents to offspring via the male and female gametes ie. heredity But the forces, which determine (either independently separate or as attributes of DNA] assembly* of genotype and time dependent expression of the same are not known .