This was present in 13.7 per cent, of our cases at the time of death. Its frequency varies according to the situation of the growth in the stomach. Thus it occurred in 35 per cent, of the cases where the disease affected the lesser curvature or the posterior wall; in 20.5 per cent, of the pyloric infiltrations unaccompanied by stenosis or dilatation of the stomach; in 7 per cent, of the growths limited to the cardia, and only in 5.6 per cent, of those which had produced great contraction of the pylorus. With regard to the causation of the icterus, it was noted that either the head of the pancreas was infiltrated or the bile duct was obstructed in four-fifths of the cases, while in the remainder the liver was the seat of numerous secondary deposits. In rare instances enlargement of the lymphatic glands in the portal fissure exerts pressure upon the hepatic duct at an early period of the disease (Michel).