A woman died at the age of thirty years from cancer of the pylorus with secondary deposits in the liver. During life a smooth and very movable tumour was detected in the epigastrium. After death, in addition to the cancerous disease, there was found a cyst about the size of the foetal head at term, which was attached by a short pedicle to the pyloric end of the stomach, and was filled with a reddish fluid.--Finnel.

(3) Hydatid Cysts

These are represented by two examples. In the one described by Bochlendorff the tumour originated in the vicinity of the stomach, and involved the viscus during the course of its development, while in that recorded by Castellvi y Pallares the gastric wall seems to have been primarily affected.

(4) Blood Cysts

Our series contains four instances of this variety. In three cases the tumour was of large size, and its contents consisted of coffeeor chocolate-coloured fluid containing a large quantity of mucus, blood-corpuscles, and pus cells ; while in the fourth the nature of the cyst was less definite, but the pinkish colour of its contents and the presence of cholesterine crystals seemed to indicate a haemorrhagic origin.