Our knowledge derived from this source is very imperfect, since most of the registration returns refer to carcinoma generally rather than to its relative incidence upon different viscera. The material at hand, however, appears to point to the same conclusion as that deduced from the study of postmortem statistics, namely, that the complaint varies greatly in frequency in different parts of the world. Thus, in Paris (1830- 1840) Tanchou estimated the frequency of gastric cancer as compared with that of all causes of death at 0.6 per cent.; in Vienna it is stated to be about 0.8 per cent., in Hamburg 1.25 per cent., in Zurich (1872-1874) 2 per cent., in Geneva (1855) 2.5 per cent., in Wurzburg (1852-1855) 1.9 per cent., and in New York (1868-1882) 0.4 per cent.