If the plants have been properly watered and enriched so as to grow healthy and strong, they will probably not be infested to any great extent with these pests. In case they are, they can only be kept down by close attention while there are but few. The best way to get rid of them is to brush them off into a basin of water with a soft, dry brush. A small paint-brush is the best for this purpose. The above remedy is by far the safest and causes the least trouble, and, if taken in season, is effectual. Should the red spider get upon the leaves, sponge them with hot water. Plants will not be injured by water as hot as can be used by the hand, and both this insect and the green fly may be destroyed in this manner.


It is well to wash all plants occasionally with soapsuds or whale-oil soap, particularly Ivies, which to do well need washing every few weeks; but in all cases the plants should be rinsed in clear water if much soap is used.