Many of the Palms are popular for vase, basket, pedestal, veranda, or window-garden culture. They require a firm rich soil. They should be given an abundance of water when growing in the spring and summer, but when at rest, only water enough to keep the soil moist. They should be repotted each fall before they are brought into winter quarters. Among the best and most easily grown varieties are Latania Borbonica (Dwarf Fan Palm), Cycas revoluta (Sago Palm), Cocos Weddelliana (Cocoanut Palm).

India Rubber Tree

The beautiful, large, shining green leaves of this plant are especially ornamental in vases, as a central piece in a window-box or as a pedestal or corner plant.

It requires little or no sunlight, and will stand more neglect than almost any other plant.

Water freely when growing. The leaves grow so slowly that great care must be taken that they do not get broken or torn and require removal. This applies also to the palms as well.

Dracene (Dragon Trees)

The varieties of Dracaenas require more heat than the palms or the rubber tree; but they are very graceful and beautiful. They are especially useful as summer basket or vase plants. The best varieties are Dracaena terminalis and Dracaena indivisa.