For years, Long Island has been furnishing the bulk of the seed of all varieties except the Danish Ball Head. Seed of this variety is almost entirely imported from Holland and Denmark. Seedsmen and growers alike have been led to believe that Long Island grown seed has merit over stock from other parts of the country. Is there any foundation for taking such a position? It is true that the natural conditions of Long Island are favorable to the cabbage, and that several men on the island have been successful in growing cabbage seed on a very large scale. On the other hand, just as good seed has been grown in the Puget Sound district, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Michigan and no doubt in other states. Soil and climatic conditions are important factors, but the skill, thoroughness and conscientiousness of the grower count for more than favorable natural conditions. It is somewhat troublesome for a gardener to grow his own seed, but the plan is practical and is followed by a few careful gardeners. Good seed is largely a matter of intelligent and thorough roguing.

volga cabbage on limestone soil.

Fig. 68. volga cabbage on limestone soil.