Before greenhouses became so popular as they are today, hotbeds were universally employed whenever glass was required to start early plants. Although hotbeds, in many cases, have been replaced by greenhouses, they are still used extensively by growers in all parts of the country. Almost every farm home operates a hotbed in the spring. This structure is of great importance to village gardeners who pride themselves upon the earliness of their products. Many renters also depend upon hotbeds, because they may be forced to vacate the property upon short notice and are naturally unwilling to spend much money in constructing permanent greenhouses. Hotbeds are inexpensive, and the amount of space devoted to them may be increased from year to year without much outlay. In addition, they do not require attention at night, as do the furnaces of greenhouses. On the other hand, hotbeds are inferior to greenhouses in every particular, although with skillful management they produce excellent results.