The Isabella grape variety possesses great vigor of growth and is an abundant fruit-bearer. It flourishes as far north as New York, and produces large, dark-purple, juicy berries of an oval form and musky flavor. It thrives best in a moderately rich, loose, and moist soil, free from alkali, salts, or other impurities; generally, cleared wood-land with an aspect inclined towards the South or East, sheltered from the wind and shaded from the intense heat of the sun, is well fitted for its growth. The region of the maize or Indian-corn crop may be relied on as being well suited to the production of this grape. Its range of thrift extends along the Atlantic coast, and west, beyond the Eocky Mountains, as far north as the forty-ninth degree of latitude. " The most favorable season for planting this variety is near the end of February in the Southern States, and about the first of April in Pennsylvania and New York."