This tree, which is a native of Corsica, is very valuable as a lumber tree, and reaches the height of from one hundred to one hundred and forty feet. It is very shortlived and of very rapid growth, growing very nearly three feet in one year; its growth is just about two thirds as fast again as the Scotch pine. Loudon speaks of a tree in the garden of the Horticultural Society of London which at the age of twelve years, in 1834, was twenty feet high, and in 1837 was twenty-five feet high. It is strongly recommended for ornamental purposes, but I doubt if plants of this species can be safely handled here; but if in any place, it would in all probability be Kansas or some of the adjacent states.

Table-Mountain Pine

Height about forty feet, numerous branches, habits and general appearance of the Scotch pine. I cannot recommend it either for lumber or as an ornamental tree. It is found chiefly on the Blue Ridge Mountains.