The Honey-Locust.—Where Found and Convenient Usefulness.—Its Growth and Value.—Locust-wood as Pavement.—An Exceptional Specimen.—Uses of the Thorny and Thornless Varieties, and their Characteristics.—Distinguishing Variety Features.— Its Resisting Properties to Destructive Agencies.—Experience of Mr. Helme on Locust-planting.—Manner of Sowing its Seed for Hedge.—Manner of Transplanting Explained.—Its Usefulness as a Wind-break.— Successful Hedge-growing Experiments. — The Water-Locust. — Its Growth.—General Characteristics Compared with the Honey-Locust.—Where Found and Soil Suitable to its Growth.—The Yellow and Common Locust variously Described.—The Rose-flowered Locust Described.