The "White Elm.—Its Usefulness and Demand.—Growth and Attainment.—Elms, How Planted.—Additional Cropping of Area.—Resistance against Insects.—Its Use as a Shade-tree.—The Elm as Described by Michaux.—Its Ancient and Modern Popularity.—Soil Suited to its Growth.—Effect of Crowded Planting on its Appearance. _ its Ornamental Usefulness. — The Corky "White Elm.— Its Distinguishing Features.—Its Additional Name.—The "Wa-hoo, or Winged Elm. —Its Distinguishing Growth and Scarcity. —Uses to which Put.—Its Medicinal Properties.—The Red Elm. —Its Relative Kindred.—Elevated Home.—Its Growth and Usefulness.—Soil Suited to its Growth.—Durability of its "Wood.—The Uses of Small Specimens.—Its Enemies and Objections.