For extensive planting I would recommend the whole of the Eucalypts given, viz:E. corynocalix, E. diversicolor, E. globulus E. tereticornis, E. sideroxylon, E. crebra, as they will all probably prove successful. Of the cypresses both may be tried fairly extensively in the better localities as may be Pinus insignis and Pinus halepensis. More limited should be the plantings of Pinus laricio, P. Canariensis, Juniperus virginiana and Fraxinus excelsior, var. kabylia, while only experimental plots should be laid out for Castanea sativa and Robinia pseud-acacia, in localities more or less free from lime. Juglans regia may prove profitable as a fruit-bearer where occasional irrigation is possible and the wood, if slow growing, is valuable.

Many other species are likely to prove adaptable to the conditions at Rust-en-Vrede and while it is not advisable to undertake any extensive experimental work I would recommend that an arboretum be established where a few specimens of each species may be tried, in order to gauge their suitability to the locality.

Trees Of Considerable Economic Value

Among these I may mention as trees of considerable economic value : Eucalyptus pilularis, E. leucoxylon, E. rostrata, E. rudis and E. polyanthema ; Cupressus Lawsoniana, C. obtusa and C. lusitanica; Platanus orientalis, Populus monilifera, Quercus aegilops, var.: vallonea, Q. ruber and such others as may from time to time be considered as probable.

With the appointment of a capable superintendent, the Council should rely on success attending their venture, the general lines of which have been indicated only, though if any further information or advice be required I shall be pleased to render any assistance in my power on the occasion of my periodical visits to Oudtshoorn or at any other time when a personal inspection is not entailed.