Be careful not to expose the roots of trees to the wind and sun more than is necessary during the operation of transplanting. More failures in tree-planting arise from carelessness in this particular than from any other cause.

To prevent this, carry the trees to the field to be planted in bundles covered with mats; lay them down, and cover the roots with wet loam, and only remove them from the bundles as they are actually required for planting.

In planting, the roots should be carefully spread out and the soil worked among them with the hand.

When the roots are covered press the earth firmly about the plant with the foot.

Insert the plant to the depth at which it stood before being transplanted.

Select, if possible, for tree-planting a cloudy or a rainy day. It is better to plant after the middle of the day than before it.

All young plantations must be protected from cattle and other browsing animals, the greatest enemies, next to man, to young trees, and the spread of forest growth.