In the curriculum of the rural, the provincial, or even the urban school, there is no more delightful subject than that which is treated of in the following pages. It is a subject that introduces the scholar to the possibilities of the soil and to those physical forces that in days past have built up our national wealth ; it brings him into contact with the agencies of Nature whereby the plant is induced to yield its contribution to the dietary of the human race. There is no more fascinating work for boys who in their small gardens learn by " seeing and doing."

Of course, as in all things, it is essential that procedure should be carefully directed and both teachers and scholars should derive much useful information and guidance from this small book. School Gardening is gaining in popularity year by year, and county after county is adopting it as a valuable practical asset to the curricula of their schools. In its bearing on the study that is conducted in the class-room it has proved itself of sterling value as a medium for the correlation of the Nature subjects.

It is a subject, however, that demands some amount of experience on the part of the instructor, and where this has been limited through uncontrollable circumstances the present work should do much to establish the teaching upon correct lines.

Horace J. Wright,

Inspector and Lecturer in Horticulture to the Surrey County Council.

School Gardens, Ciiurt, Surrey

School Gardens, Ciiurt, Surrey By permission of the "Agricultural Economist and Horticultural Review "