Wodenethe, near Fishkill landing, is the seat of II. W. Sargent, Esq., and is a bijou full of interest for the lover of rural beauty; abounding in rare trees, shrubs, and plants, as well as vases, and objects of rural embellishment of all kinds.


Kenwood, formerly the residence of J. Rathbone, Esq., is one mile south of Albany. Ten years ago this spot was a wild and densely wooded hill, almost inaccessible. With great taste and industry Mr. Rathbone has converted it into a country residence of much picturesque beauty, erected in the Tudor style, one of the best villas in the country, with a gate-lodge in the same mode, and laid out the grounds with remarkable skill and good taste. There are about 1200 acres in this estate, and pleasure grounds, forcing houses, and gardens, are now flourishing where all was so lately in the rudest state of nature; while, by the judicious preservation of natural wood, the effect of a long cultivated demesne has been given to the whole.

* More recently the home of the late Levi P. Morton.

The Manor House Of The "Patroon"

The Manor House Of The "Patroon" (as the eldest son of the Van Rensselaer family is called) is in the northern suburbs of the city of Albany. The mansion, greatly enlarged and improved a few years since, from the designs of Upjohn, is one of the largest and most admirable in all respects, to be found in the country, and the pleasure-grounds in the rear of the house are tasteful and beautiful.