Another old stand-by of quick growth and strong constitution, flourishing where most other plants would soon fail. It will grow in any soil, but it will be found most satisfactory if given one of only moderate richness. In a very rich soil its joints will be far apart, consequently its foliage will be sparse. It must be pinched back well to make it branch freely. There are several varieties- one with plain green leaves, one with green and white leaves, and another in which green, olive, and pink are about equally represented.

Mention has already been made of Asparagus Sprengeeri. This, as well as A. plumosus nanus, is well adapted to use in hanging-baskets. So is Abutilon vexillarium, with its prettily variegated foliage. Almost all plants of drooping habit can be made to do duty in suspended pots, if care is taken to see that they are well watered. Nine failures out of ten with hanging plants result from an insufficient water-supply. Because it is not as easy to get at them as at the pots in the window, we fail to give them as much water as they need, and the result is that they get dry at the roots before we suspect it, and the mischief thus done often results in speedy failure. Water hanging plants as well as you do the plants on the sill and there is no reason why you should not grow good ones.

The writer does not want to be understood as meaning that the plants made mention of in the preceding pages include all that are desirable for wTindow-culture because the list is not extended to greater length. Such is not the case. He has spoken only of the kinds he considers best for that purpose-the kinds that the beginner in indoor gardening will be most likely to succeed with.

A study of the catalogues of the florists will enable the ambitious amateur to discover many other kinds that can be grown in the window-garden. But he would advise confining selections to this list for the present. It is well to wait until you have gained some general knowledge of plants before undertaking to grow those which require a good deal of care and attention.