This is one of the old stand-bys-a plant deserving a place in every collection. This for several reasons: It is of easy culture; it is a free bloomer; it is a really beautiful plant, and insects seldom attack it.

The Abutilon is more commonly known as Flowering Maple, because of the resemblance of its foliage to that of our native Maple. It is sometimes called the Chinese Bell-flower, because of its pendant, bell-shaped blossoms and the fact that it is of Chinese origin. There are several excellent varieties, ranging in color from white, through pink, yellow, and orange, to dark red. Its blossoms are borne on long, slender stalks, and are very graceful because of their pendant habit.

The plant is most effective when trained in tree form.

Give it a soil of rich loam, a moderate amount of water, and good light.

There are several varieties having variegated foliage of great beauty. One of these is Sa-vitzii. Its leaves are so broadly margined with white that, at a little distance, it resembles a plant almost covered with white flowers. It is one of our best ornamental foliaged plants for amateur culture. Another charming variety is Eclipse. This is of slender, almost trailing habit, and is most effective when grown on brackets, where it can be allowed to droop. Its foliage, which is long, and pointed, shows a mosaic-like variegation of yellow and light green on a dark green ground. A strikingly beautiful plant, when well grown.