The Home Garden

THIS book ie intended for the use of those who have a little piece of land upon which they would like to grow vegetables and small fruits, but whose knowledge how to go to work in the right way, and what to attempt growing, is limited, because of lack of experience. It contains no theories. It aims to give simply and clearly such information as the writer has gathered from his own experience in gardening, by which he believes others can bring about equally satisfactory results.

Eight full-page illustrations. I2mo. IQ8 pages. Ciothy ornamental, $1.2 net.

Four Seasons in the Garden

ABOOK on gardening for the home-maker by the foremost amateur gardener of the United States. It treats of all phases of the subject from the simple bed or two along the fence, in a city back yard, to the most ambitious garden the- happy suburbanite or country dweller can manage without the services of a professional.

The growing of house plants and the use of plants for household and table decoration are thoroughly described, and a couple of chapters on rural and village improvement carry the home gardening plan into the larger field of community work.

Twenty-six illustrations in tint. Colored frontispiece. Decorated title-page and lining-papers. I2mo. Ciothy $1.50 net.

Department of Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture, New York State College of Agriculture at cornell university ithaca, n.y.