These plants have tubular flowers of exceedingly rich colors. These colors run through many shades of scarlet, purple, and rose to pure white. Most of them are marked most peculiarly with contrasting colors. Some have a white throat, the ruffled edges of them being broadly margined with one or the other of the colors mentioned above. Others have a dark throat, with white edges. Some are spotted. The foliage of the plant is very large. It will droop over the pot and hide it, and from among it the flowers are sent up in large numbers, when the plant is given proper care.

The Gloxinia should receive the same treatment as advised for the Tuberous Begonia.

Care should be taken, in watering, to see that no drops fall and remain on the foliage. Use a pot with a long spout, which will enable you to apply water to the soil, under the foliage.

We have no finer summer flowering plant.