THIS book is not a scientific treatise on plant-culture. Nor is it the work of the professional plant-grower. It aims to give, in plain and simple terms, such information as the amateur gardener stands in need of. This information, as set down in this book, the writer has gained by personal work among flowers, for his own pleasure. He has been successful in their culture, and his success has come from following the methods described herein. There may be better ones. He has written the record of his own experience for the benefit of other flower-lovers, believing that it will be found practical, sensible, and helpful.

Some of the advice contained in the earlier chapters of the book may not seem quite clear to the reader who has had no experience in plant-culture. But when he or she undertakes to grow plants, and these chapters are read over in connection with actual work among them, the advice given will be readily understood. Advice of any kind, in the abstract, is seldom clear to the reader, but when it is put into practice the puzzling things will make themselves plain. That will be so in this case the writer has good reason to believe.

Much of the information contained in this book has been gained by the writer while connected with prominent periodicals as editor of their floricultural departments. While acting in this capacity thousands of letters have come to him yearly, and these letters have told him what the amateur gardener most wants to know. They have put him closely in touch with the class for which this book has been written, and he believes it will "fill a long-felt want," on this account. In this hope he sends it out to all who love flowers.

Foreword 2

Every morning, our little "Daffodil girl" made an inspection trip to get acquainted with the new varieties. (Lower) Three of the new giant trumpet super-giants-Olympia, VanWa veren's Giant, and Treserve.

Foreword 3

Try to imagine this scene in color, in sunshine and shadow! Fortunate indeed is the gardener who possesses a bit of woods where daffodils may be naturalized.