Farfugium grande, better known as Leopard Plant, has long been a favorite with those who admire variegated foliage. It has large circular leaves of dark green spotted with yellow. The leaves are sent up directly from the root. Therefore it is not a plant of tall growth. Give it a soil of loam and muck, equal parts. See that it gets all the water it needs.

Sometimes the mealy-bug attacks it. Be on the watch for it.


A beautiful plant, blooming with great profusion in early spring. Its flowers are pea-shaped, borne in clusters all over the plant. In color they are a bright yellow. Delightfully fragrant. Foliage as fine as the flowers. Does well in any good soil. Will grow to large size if given plenty of root-room. Can be trained as bush or tree. Must be watered well, and given good light. Will stand any amount of pruning, which should be given after the flowering season is over. The mealybug has a great liking for it, and will do much harm if not promptly repulsed.

This is one of the popular plants grown by the florists for spring decoration.