A plant for the plant-room, of shrubby growth, bearing long spikes of greenish-white flowers, which are not at all showy. At night they give off a rich, powerful fragrance. This variety-catalogued as C. Parqui -is known as the Night-blooming Jessamine. C. auranticum has flowers of a rich orange. This variety is very attractive when in full bloom. Can be kept in the cellar over winter. Give soil of loam, and a moderate amount of water.

Be on guard against the aphis. If the pest appears, make prompt use of Nicotocide.

Showering will prevent the red spider from doing much harm.

Paris Daisy

A member of the great Chrysanthemum family, bearing large, Daisylike flowers throughout the winter. There are two varieties in general use-one a pure white, the other a soft yellow. Both are desirable.

Grow in loam. Pinch the plants back, while young, to force branches. Use water freely, as the plant has a multitude of very fine fibrous roots to drink it up. Apply fertilizer at flowering-time.