Meanwhile every one of us who owns a bit of sloping land can make a retaining wall that shall be a perennial vision of floral beauty. Every one who wishes to soften the newness or hardness of architecture may do so by planting vines or by sowing the seeds of cranny-loving flowers. And every one who can afford high brick walls around his garden should have them for the following reasons:

1. They will protect the fruit from thieves.

2. They will enable you to grow figs in the North, and the new race of hardy citrus fruits that will soon be here.

3. They will make your kitchen garden yield from one to three months longer.

4. They will shelter your children so that they may play outdoors in winter.

5. On their north side you may grow English ivy and probably many other evergreen climbers from subtropical regions.

6. They will make an effective background for hardy perennial flowers. (See plates 16 and 14.)

7. And last but not least, they will surely give you some of the charm of an English garden, for without privacy, there can be no charm. (See plate 12.)