The way to grow all the difficult alpines is to have a first-class rockery, but I estimate that only 5 or 10 per cent, of the really desirable rock-loving flowers require such treatment. Among these are the edelweiss, the alpine poppy, the pasque flower, the gentians, the saxifrages, the cyclamen, the evergreen daphne with its divine odour, and the wonderful soldanella which is said to force its way right up through a solid block of ice. These world-famous flowers are so celebrated for their exquisite beauty that it is only natural that we should bewail our inability to grow them in an ordinary garden, whereas the big, cheerful fact is that any one can grow 90 per cent, of the showiest rock plants without the expense of a rockery. Even in England they do not expect to grow the plants just named without rocks, and therefore we should rejoice that we too can grow these treasures in a good rockery.