You who have done me the kindness to follow me thus far, do not, please, expect a complete treatise on the art of cooking, or a list of recipes, such as the professed cook is in the habit of referring to. My object is only to enlighten you-and any intelligent cook-as to good and sound principles. The recipes I give are very few, and are only intended to illustrate these principles, which are:-

I. Do not fry or bake meats.

II. Do not cook meat on gas stoves.

III. Grill whenever you can.

IV. Do not overcook.

V. No shams, no "messes," no pretentious efforts. VI. Simplicity.

VII. Variety whenever possible. VIII. Best materials only.

And now we will run through the bill of fare attached to this book and see what suggestions may offer themselves. In every case let your palate and your brains be your best guides.