With Swift'ning "Pastry Mix"

2 cups Swift'ning Pastry Mix.

3 to 5 tablespoons water.

Place in mixing bowl (or) Without Swift'ning.

"Pastry Mix".

2/3 cup Swift'ning.

2 cups sifted flour 1 teaspoon salt.

3 to 5 tablespoons water.

Cut Swift'ning into sifted flour and salt, using a pastry blender, fork, two knives, or the finger tips, until the mixture is the consistency of coarse cornmeal.

Sprinkle enough water, gradually, over flour mixture, blending with fork or finger tips to form a stiff dough. Shape into ball. Divide dough in half. Turn onto lightly floured board. Knead twice to blend thoroughly. Roll out lightly from center to edges, keeping circular shape. Put into pie pan and press lightly with finger tips, or a ball of dough, to push out air. Trim edges to fit pan. Roll top crust. Cut in several places to let out steam in baking. Press edges together and shape. Note: The quantity of fillings for the recipes in this booklet is 4 cups or 1 quart for an 8-inch deep pie pan. For a 9-inch deep pie pan increase the recipe by one-fourth.