One pound of sugar, one pound of butter, one pound of flour, twelve eggs, one teaspoon each of cinnamon and allspice and cloves, one-half teaspoon each of mace and nutmeg, two pounds of raisins, two pounds of currants, one pound of citron, one pound of almonds, one wineglass of brandy and one lemon. Line two deep, large tins with three thicknesses of paper, and butter the top paper ; blanch and chop almonds, seed the raisins, have currants well washed and dry, cut citron in small; oblong slices, put layer of cake, add the citron till all is used ; currants and raisins mix with flour enough to coat thoroughly. Add lemon juice and rind and brandy to creamed sugar and butter, then the beaten yolks, then beaten whites, and lastly the flour and fruit. Fill pan two-thirds full, as this cake does not rise much. Bake three hours in moderate oven.