Peal, quarter and core Bartlett Pears ; throw them in cold water.

Fill quart preserve jars neatly with the fruit. Put on the stove wash boiler, cover the bottom with a frame made of slats. Set in the jars ; fill the boiler half way up the jars with cold water. Have ready syrup allowing one pound to a quart of water, cook ten minutes, cool and fill up the jars ; cover the boiler tightly to keep in the stean ; when the water boils cook twenty minutes or till the fruit is tender. Remove and cover as directed.

For twelve jars use nine quarts of water and five pounds of sugar.

Preserved Pears

Six firm pears of medium size, two Sicily lemons, two cups of sugar, and one quart of water. Wash, peel and halve the pears, remove the core, throw them into cold water to keep them from discoloring. Parboil the lemons to take out the bitter. Then slice thin. Mix the sugar and water together, and let boil up once. Add the pears and lemon ; cook until soft ; be careful not to break the pears. Put your jars in a pan of hot water. Take out the pears carefully, and place in the hot jars. Strain the syrup and fill the jars to overflowing. Run a silver knife down the sides, so that the air bubbles will rise to the surface. Screw on the covers tight, wash the jars off, and when cold screw the covers again as tight as possible. Put away in a dry, cool place. The same directions may be used for apricots, or any large fruit.