Boil one pint of milk; allow it to get nearly cold, dissolve half a cake of yeast in half cup of warm milk.

Put into a bowl two cups of sifted flour, add one tablespoon of sugar, one teaspoon of salt; rub in one tablespoon of butter, one of lard, add gradually the dissolved yeast, then the milk; put this batter to rise in a warm place; when risen add flour, knead and let rise again, cut down, put on a board, roll out lightly, spread over bits of butter, roll up, let rise again. Put on a board, roll out half an inch thick, cut with an oval cutter, fold the dough over, putting a piece of butter between each fold. Put into a biscuit pan, keep in a warm place. If kept in too warm a place the butter will melt. It must rise to double the original size. Bake in rather a hot oven twenty minutes.

All of following recipes must be mixed and beaten well.