Dried Lima Beans

Soak in cold water over night. Do not use warm water, as they may spoil. Cook in boiling water until tender. There should be little liquid remaining when finished Cooking. Season with butter and salt a few minutes before tender. Croquettes made from the lima beans are a nice leftover dish.

String Beans

Remove the string, cut or snap into inch lengths, wash and cook in boiling water one to three hours, adding the salt the last half hour of cooking. Drain, season with salt and butter.

String Beans In Cream

1 quart cooked string beans 1 cup cream.

1 egg yolk.

1 teaspoon lemon juice.

3/4 teaspoon salt.

If the beans are cold, reheat by adding a little hot water and cooking in a sauce pan until thoroughly heated. If there is an excess of liquid, drain. Prepare the dressing as follows: Beat the egg yolk until light, add the cream. Cook over hot water until it begins to thicken; add the lemon slowly, stirring constantly, then add the salt and the beans.

Salad Beans

1 quart string beans.

2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon flour.

1 teaspoon salt.

1 cup hot water.

1 tablespoon lemon juice.

Remove the strings and ends by paring with a sharp knife, and cut into 3/4 inch lengths. Put to cook in sufficient boiling salted water to cover, and cook from one to three hours, according to the age of the beans. When tender, pour off the water and measure. There should be about one cup of the liquid. Rub the flour and one-half of the butter together. Pour over this, stirring constantly, the hot liquid, then place over the fire and cook five minutes. When finished cooking, remove from the fire, add the lemon juice and pour over the cooked beans.