And finally I am going to give you what may prove the most useful and practical of all these meat recipes, for it will help you to solve the great problem of cold meató it is a simple way of solving it, and certainly a tasty one.


A few slices of lean beef or veal, a few boiled or steamed potatoes, a handful of cold boiled French beans, or peas, or any vegetables which happen to be in season. A French salad dressing.


Cut the meat into thin strips, and mix in a salad bowl with sliced potatoes and some seasonable vegetable. Make a dressing with 3 tablespoons of salad oil, 1 1/2 of wine vinegar, 1 level teaspoon of mustard powder, 1/2 of salt, and 1/4 of pepper. Stir well, and pour over the salad.