Another vegetable entree which is very delicious and can be dished up attractively on a silver dish is Stuffed Cabbage Leaves.


1 firm young cabbage, 1 large gammon rasher, a few small mushrooms, a slice of bread, parsley, shallots (or a little onion), thyme, tarragon, chervil, 1 bay leaf, 4 tablespoons of cream, salt and pepper, butter.


Blanch the cabbage in boiling salted water for 8 to 10 minutes. On no account should it be over boiled, as the leaves will then break. Drain off all water and remove the leaves. Select the best large ones, lay them out on a table and wipe them carefully with a clean cloth. Now on each cabbage leaf put a spoonful of the following mixture: Mince the lean part of the gammon finely, chop up the herbs and the mushrooms, also the onions, and soak the bread in a little milk and squeeze it, breaking it in small pieces. Put about 1 1/2 ozs. of butter in a saucepan and when hot, place the mixture in it, season highly with salt and pepper, and cook till it begins to brown. Place a little of this on each leaf, then roll the leaf neatly, folding over the sides as well, and tie with string, as you would a parcel. Place in a well-buttered fireproof dish, and put in a moderate oven for 20 minutes. Remove the string and pour over the dish a sauce composed of melted butter, mixed with cream and seasoned with salt and pepper.