Here is another " fruit-sweet" which is particularly refreshing in summer.


1 pineapple, sugar, either rum, sherry, Madeira, brandy or port, sugar, ice.


Cut the top of the pineapple, and with a sharp knife, or better still with a grape fruit corer, remove all the hard centre part of the pineapple, being careful, however, not to pierce the bottom of the pineapple. Fill this cavity with castor sugar and whichever wine is selected. Keep it in the ice-box or in a very cool place for 12 hours or more. An hour before serving, put it in a basin and surround it with ice. For serving, cut it in thin slices, put a littie of the syrup on each slice, and replace the slices on the base of the pineapple, so that it resumes its former shape.