Mousse of Ham makes a very attractive-looking hors d'œuvres whether turned out of a fancy mould and served garnished with sprigs of parsley or put into little fluted paper cases.


3/4 lb. of cooked ham, 3 or 4 tablespoons of thick Bechamel sauce (see p. 196), 1/2 a pint of cream, just under 1/2 an oz. of leaf gelatine, 1 wineglass of either Madeira wine or sherry.


Pound 3/4 of a lb. of lean cooked ham in a mortar, adding gradually the Bechamel sauce. Put this purée into a basin. Now whip up the cream, to which the gelatine, dissolved in a little hot milk and allowed to cool, has been added and also the wine. When the puree is quite cold, add the cream to it gradually, beating it continuously so that it is very light. Put into a mould and keep on ice or in a very cold place overnight. When about to serve, dip the mould in warm water for a few seconds only, dry it quickly and turn out carefully.