Some of my readers may be somewhat horrified when they are told that the very delicious hors d'œuvres about to follow consists mainly of raw kippers. But those among you who like Bismarck herrings, or any kind of tinned fish in oil, will certainly like these fillets of raw kippers.


3 or 4 small kippers, boned, skinned and filleted. This should be done by the fishmonger, as it is extremely difficult and tricky to do. Small cold boiled or steamed potatoes, 1 or 2 dessert apples, 1 small beetroot, 1 small onion, parsley, 1 hard-boiled egg, salad oil and vinegar.


Place the kippers in a pie dish, sprinkle with a little chopped onion and parsley and cover with salad oil. Let them stand like this in a cool place overnight. When required, arrange the fillets neatly on a dish, and decorate with very neat and thin slices of potato, beetroot, apple, placed alternately. Pour a little of the oil in which they were soaked over them, add 2 teaspoons of wine vinegar, and garnish artistically with sprigs of parsley. This dish can be made to look most attractive.